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The skinny on dramatized reality

told by your one and only

23 October
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Me=your perception
20 questions, ace of base, acting, aim, alternative rock, amish people, analyzing, ani difranco, annie's mac and cheese, antique shopping, arizona green tea, aromas, asking questions, aura, barefeet, beauty, being annoying, being loved, berets, big noses, bitching, black eyeliner, bonsai trees, bowling for soup, boy cut briefs, brat pack movies, carytown, chinese takeout, creativity, curly hair, dancing, dancing in the rain, degrassi, democrats, diversity, drama, dreaming, dreds, eiffel tower, elvis, falling in love, fiction, flea markets, france, freedom, fried rice, friends, frills, fringe, frozen yogurt, gay rights, giggling, greenwich villiage, guys, hammocks, hands, happiness, helping, henna, hiking, hindering, hippies, horoscopes, imagination, independence, indie rock, individuality, interesting people, interracial relationships, jewish guys, jingles, johnny depp, journals, karma, kd, ke's house, krogies, laughing, liberalism, life, lifetime movies, lillies, long hair, long skirts, love, love letters, loving someone, makeovers, match-making, memories, mohawks, nature, new york city, notes, novels, obessesing, open minded people, paris, patchwork, peace, peaches, peppermint ice cream, pictures, planning escape, poetry, procrastinating, punk rock, purity, q and not u, rain, random acts of kindness, reading, redesigning clothing, remembering, rice noodles, romance, rooney, salvation army, sarah dessen books, sarcasm, saving bugs, shane west, shoes, shopping, short films, singing in the shower, smiles, sneaking, soul searching, soy milk, spillway, spring, staring into someone's eyes, sweater clogs, the 60's, the beatles, the super furry animals, the white stripes, thrift, tony & tina, urban decay, vegetarianism, vintage, waterfalls, wednesdays, wondering, writing, yard sales, yellow roses, zen.